Rules and contract of the contests M. Cuir Montreal, M. Rubber Montreal, Pup Montreal and Mme. Cuir Montréal Weekend Fusion Montréal aka WFM, the Fusion Montréal Committee and during the year of the title holders.

Partie I : Definitions

  1. The following definitions apply to this Regulation:

  • "MCM": abbreviation of M. Cuir Montréal

  • "MRM": abbreviation of M. Rubber Montréal

  • "PM": abbreviation of Pup Montréal

  • "MmeCM": abbreviation of Mme. Cuir Montréal

  • "Contest": means the MCM, MRM, PM and MmeCM Contest

  • "Title" means the MCM or MRM or PM or MmeCM titles

  • "Title holder": winner of the Competition and holder of the title

  • "Montréal Fusion Weekend": Weekend during which the events of the Competition take place.

  • "Committee": Organizing Committee for the MCM, MRM, PM and Mme.CM Weekend Fusion and Contest.

Partie II : Competition

  1. The mission and vision of the MCM, MRM, PM and Mme.CM contests is to celebrate the dynamism of Montréal's gay LGBTQ + (hereinafter, the "community") and to allow all its members - merchants, community organizations, personalities, former title holders, volunteers, etc. - to take part.

  2. The same provisions apply to the MCM, MRM, PM and Mme.CM contests.

  3. In order to respect the official language of the province, the contest is intended to be Francophone; the "On stage" part of the contest will be in held in the French language. As Montreal is a bilingual city, a translation system will be put in place to allow anglophone and francophone candidates to participate and be fairly judged.

Partie III : Candidats

  1. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and reside in the Montréal area.

  2. Candidates for M. Cuir and M. Rubber must identify with the masculine gender, candidates for Mme. Cuir must identify with the female gender and candidates for Pup Montréal may identify with any gender.

  3. Failure to comply with the provisions of these rules automatically entails the disqualification of the candidate, without appeal.

  4. Candidates undertake to participate in the Competition Events in a spirit of camaraderie and to accept the decisions of the Official Jury members of the Competition.

  5. If a nominee is sponsored by a sponsor, he / she can not offer special visibility to the sponsor, either as a nominee or as a title holder. On the other hand, s/he is encouraged to refer this sponsor to the Committee so that he can join the Competition as a whole.

  6. Candidates must be present at the mandatory activities of the Weekend Fusion Montreal.

  7. Candidates must discuss their artistic performance in advance and collaborate with the Weekend Fusion Montréal committee to ensure the quality of the show.

  8. Candidates agree to be photographed and filmed for promotional purposes.

  9. The candidates must respect the schedules of the activities of the Weekend, and collaborate to ensure good progress of the Competition, in particular by their punctuality.

  10. Candidates and their stage partners must respect the rules of the Competition venues, including during their performances.

  11. Any misconduct during the contest is prohibited including, but not limited to, rudeness, nudity, alcohol abuse, drug use and sexual acts.

  12. Candidates must positively support the entire Weekend Fusion Montreal.

Partie IV : Title

  1. The full designation of the Titles is "Monsieur Cuir Montréal", "Monsieur Rubber Montréal", "Pup Montréal" and "Madame Cuir Montréal"

    1. The word "Monsieur" may be abbreviated to "M." and the word "Madame" may be abbreviated to "Mme." followed by a space.

    2. When jointly designated in the same syntactic group, the form "M. Cuir Montréal, M. Rubber Montréal, Pup Montréal and Mme. Cuir Montréal" is preferred.

    3. In case of repeated use, and if the title has already been mentioned in full a first time, we can use "M. Cuir", "M. Rubber", "Pup", "Mme. Cuir" and plural only "the title holders".

    4. In English and any other language, the official designation remains the same as in French; we do not translate the words "Monsieur", "Madame", "Cuir" or "Rubber" and the Montréal é keeps its accent.

    5. The Title is held by the winner of the Contest from the announcement of the results of the Competition until the submission of its Title to the next competition. This period is hereinafter called the "mandate".

    6. In order to achieve the title, candidates must earn a minimum of 80 points during the contest.

    7. The designation of the title, in any form or publication whatever, must remain the title of the contest including the year of the "mandate" of the winner without addition.

  2. Any use, reproduction or representation of the Title, its image and its brand, in any form whatsoever, must be approved by the Committee

  3. Failure to comply with one of the provisions of this by-law is punishable by dismissal of the Title by the Committee without appeal.

Partie V : Title holders

  1. Title holders must ensure that their actions and remarks respect the mission and vision of the Contests. They must not affect the reputation of the Title, Contest or Committee.

  2. During their reign, title holders are representatives of the community in their own right.

  3. Title holders must ensure that they act impartially and fairly with all the members of the community.

  4. In situations where Title holders must represent or back up their image to certain organizations, they must first represent the Contest partners.

  5. Title holders can not enter into a partnership agreement with sponsors on their own. They must refer it to the Committee.

  6. In cases where the number of partners they can represent is limited, (for example in international competitions, eg International Mr. Leather, Mr. International Rubber, IPTC, IPC, IMsL and other), the Title holders will have to represent the partners who have contributed most to the organization of the Competition.

  7. Community and fundraising events organized by or for the Title holders and supported by a particular sponsor, who does not support the Contest as a whole, may provide visibility to this Sponsor. However, this visibility must be limited to the fundraising event only and respect the regular partners of the Contest.

  8. Title holders have official social network accounts provided by the Committee.

    1. Any communication of Title holders which implies the use of the Title must be done from the official accounts provided (social networks, FB).

    2. At the end of term, Title holders must leave the social networks accounts in good condition for their successors.

  9. During their mandate, the Title holders must participate in at least one fundraising event for the cause they defend, the Montreal Pride Parade, and the next Contest for the awarding of their Title as Judge.

  10. Title holders mantle remain the property of the Committee, but may be used by the Title holders during special events during their term or for participation in other competitions during their term (or a subsequent year if the actual Title holders chooses not to showing up that year).

  11. The Title holders are responsible for the good condition and the maintenance of their respective scarves during their mandate and the return in due form of the scarves at the end of their mandate. In case of theft or loss, the Title holders undertake to provide or raise the necessary funds to replace the scarf.

  12. The jackets donated by the sponsors remain the property of the committee for the duration of the term of the title.

  13. In case of dismissal, the committee takes possession of the scarves and jackets for the current year.

Partie VI : Acceptance of awards

  1. The acceptance of the awards and the respect of all the sponsors are essential to the organization of the Contests. Candidates and Title holders must accept the awards and gifts given to them as they are. They are neither exchangeable nor transferable. Refusing an award is an offense under this by-law.

 Partie VII : Committee

  1. The Committee acts as a collegiate body to achieve the mission and to respect the vision of the Contests on a voluntary basis.

  2. The Committee is in charge of organizing the Contests and events adjacent to the Weekend Fusion Montréal on a voluntary basis.

  3. The Committee supports the Title holders during their term in the accomplishment of their projects and in their role of representatives of the community.

  4. The Committee is the link of the organizations wishing to conclude a partnership agreement or obtain visibility during the Contests and during the mandate of the Title holders.


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