Mr. Rubber Montréal 2018 / International Mr. Rubber 2019 - 

Guillaume Dupuis

Guillaume developed his first love for the fetish scene when he started working as a fetish adviser in a fetish shop in Montreal. It is only more recently that he began to dress in rubber, finally satisfying an infantile curiosity he had when he saw a character wearing latex in a movie! In addition to the rubber, his main fetishes include games of impact and domination; he is always ready to leave beautiful marks on these game partners with these floggers ... or his whip!


Guillaume is engaged in fetish education in his community through workshops or academic lectures on BDSM, uniforms, role play, HIV and animal role playing - he identifies himself as a kitten ! He is also a producer of educational fetish shows - the Lust and Shine - and helps to produce events for Montreal Rubbermen.


He is a firm believer in initiatives that support the younger generation dedicating time and energy to non-profit organizations whose mandate is to help young people in the LGBTQ + community. He believes that supporting the younger generation is essential to ensuring the longevity of our community. He is often inspired by the expression of gender that he observes in young people, especially those who identify as "gender fluid" or non-binary. These non-normative expressions of gender and sexuality are vital to creating a future where we are all freer to be who we are and to play as we wish!


Guillaume encourages people to discover their true identity and to love themselves as such, no matter what kind of people we are and how we like to have fun!

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