Organising committee

The Mr. Leather Montréal, Mr. Rubber Montreal, Pup Montreal and Mrs. Leather Montréal contests are managed by an organizing committee that is responsible for the Montréal Fusion Weekend and supports the title holders throughout their mandate.

The organizing committee seeks to fulfill the mission and vision of the MCM, MRM, PM and MmeCM contests, which is to celebrate the vitality of Montréal's gay and other fetish community, and to allow all participants (merchants, community organizations, personalities, former title holders, volunteers, etc.) to be involved during these events in a spirit of community and non-political and non-commercial brotherhood and respect.


Mission and vision

The organizing committee manages after the mission in a collegiate way and respects the vision of the MCM, MRM, PM and MmeCM contests, to celebrate the dynamism of the gay and other Montréal fetish milieu and to allow all its members - merchants, community organizations, personalities, former title holders, volunteers, etc. - to take part in a spirit of brotherhood and community respect and free from political or commercial interests.


Partners and volunteers

Community members (merchants, community organizations, personalities, former tilte holders, volunteers, etc.) who wish to participate in the mandate of Mr. Leather, Mr. Rubber Montreal, Pup Montréal or Mrs. Leather Montréal or who wish to support the organization can contact us by email or Facebook.


Author rights:

The use of the image of Mr. Leather Montréal, Mr. Rubber Montréal, Pup Montréal and Mrs. Leather Montréal, in any form whatsoever (eg title, use / reproduction of the scarf, reproduction photographs, logos, images, etc.) must be approved in advance by the organizing committee. The use of the personal image of a title holder (e.g , mention of the name, mention of the personal title which includes the year of mandate, use / reproduction of the title jacket, personal photographic reproduction) must be approved beforehand by the title holder in question and the organization committee.


Tosa Alphainu

Pup International 2019

Pup Montréal 2017


Danny Lapierre

Mr. Rubber Montréal 2010

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